Lissy Christmas
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große Weihnachtskugel

Our company "Kunststube Lissy" was founded 1984 and it is specialized on the trade of hand painted and hand blown Christmas ornaments made of glass, especially Christmas balls.
We have Christmas balls in different sizes with diameters of 4cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm or 12cm.
Also we have them in different colours like blue, red, white and clear, but we have them in the modern colors green, brown and violet, too.
We don't offer only balls for the Christmas tree, but also Christmas bells in different sizes. These Christmas bells are like our Christmas balls made out of hand painted and hand blown glass.
Our Christmas bells are available in the same colours as our Christmas balls. But in difference to our Christmas balls our Christmas bells make a beautiful sound, if you pull them. If you want to decorate your Christmas tree with something special, you could decorate them with our hand blown and hand painted hearts and stars made of glass. These hearts and stars would make your tree to something special.
We don't have only ornaments for the tree, we have also glass tealights. These tealights are also hand painted and hand blown. We have these tealights in different sizes and sharps. They are the perfect decoration for a romantic candle light dinner.